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me 1971 & 2014me as a kid, and me on both sides of me NOW:)


We meet at the annual World BodySurfing Contest in Oceanside, each August.

Last year, I placed second! Our team placed third overall and is up and coming! We have bodysurfers from all over the world including South America, Europe and Austrailia! *** bodysurfing winners finals some of us winners from our team*** DSC_8196 me copy me 2014*** DSC_8201 me copy me 2014 at the contest*** me bridgette showing off our new bathing suits2 our team suits***bodysuyrfing championship me second placeme in second place

***me bridgettemulti winner, coolest woman, from Brazil:)

***me calla bodysurfing 2 me and first place goddess10403775_946270775399995_8716880897653577044_o oliver body whomping10446130_946270765399996_5138047471528125676_o olie10446256_946270808733325_8990366870611824552_o olie10498196_946270818733324_1052626462453912661_o olie and maya10547843_946270632066676_1796421021394821456_o brunodogs bodysurfing maya and olie womping

me brig fred simpson vipers IMG_1605Fred-Viper fins!! surf museum after party-oceanside

me del mar bodysurf club

WBC Results2014


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